Why Madrid’s Maintenance ?

9 Reasons why Madrid’s Maintenance is the Right Choice

Reason 1

Point of Contact

Madrid’s Maintenance will be your one and only point of contact for all of your maintenance needs. Madrid’s Maintenance will take charge of your entire building facilities and maintain your building.

Reason 2

Qualified Team

Madrid’s Maintenance only hires Certified and experienced maintenance professionals to manage and maintain your building facilities 24/7/365.

Reason 3

Full Maintenance with Predictable Costs

Madrid’s Maintenance offers complete and unlimited maintenance for one affordable and predictable monthly cost. You can call Madrid’s Maintenance for any questions you may have at any time. In addition, you no longer have to worry about outrageous general maintenance rates and charges that you may have experienced from prior maintenance companies!

Reason 4

Complete Maintenance Department at Your Finger Tips

We understand that your company is not in the facilities maintenance business. With Madrid’s Maintenance by your side, you will get a full facilities maintenance department working seamlessly
with and for you. You will be able to focus on your mission.

Reason 5

Pro-active Monitoring, Management, and Support

We pro-actively monitor and maintain your building facility 24/7/365.

Reason 6

Maintenance Managers Act Seamless with your Facilities Team

Madrid’s Maintenance will guide and offer you the best recommendations on getting the most maintenance with cost-saving opportunities for your organization.

Reason 7

Client Defines Quality

“Beauty is in the eye of the beholder?” Well, actually that’s not the case in Maintenance. Beauty, quality, a complete job, is defined by the client alone.  We ensure that each and every task performed is tested and quality assured. Simply put, we aren’t happy, until you are.

reason 8

Guaranteed Service

All of our maintenance plans and service level agreements are 100% Guaranteed.

Reason 9

Guided Decision Making

You will receive professional guidance in the evaluation, implementation, and support of any new maintenance repair and services. Our managers will do a walk around during the appointments with you so that we can cover all the areas your facility needs attention. We represent you; we will ask the tough questions on your behalf to make sure we get all our bases covered including the best pricing.

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